In this article, I will mention and briefly review the top 5 Divi theme Facebook groups. But first let’s talk about what these groups have to offer and why you should join them.

Probably the number 1 reason why people join these groups is to find quick Divi support (you can also get Divi support on this blog, too). If you have a problem with Divi that you cannot solve, you don’t have to contact the Elegant Themes support, but you can also take the advantage of these groups. You can simply make a new post in one of these groups and ask your question. And from my own experience, you will get an answer pretty quickly, as there are many active Divi freelancers in these groups around the globe.

OK, here we go to our list of the top 5 of them:

Divi Theme Users

This is the official Divi theme Facebook group run and moderated by the Elegant Themes team. It is also the most popular Divi Facebook group with over 31,500 members (as of May 2019) who are ready to help. It is the #1 group to join.

Divi Theme | Extra Theme | Help & Share

This is another really popular Divi theme Facebook group worth joining. Currently it has over 16,000 members. It is run by famous Divi freelancers like Shannon Shaffer and Olga Summerhayes.

Divi Community

This another popular Divi Facebook group is run by the well-known guy in the Divi community whose name is Geno Quiroz. He runs

Divi Web Designers

Divi Web Designers is one more popular Divi Facebook group on our list. It is run by a Divi freelancer Josh Hall. This group is worth checking out, too.

Divi Soupies

The last one on our list, is a Divi Facebook group run by Michelle Nunan who runs Michelle is a very well known Divi entrepreneur. It’s really a great group that you should check out, as well.

And this is the end of our list. My final recommendation for you is to definitely join at least 3 of these groups if you use Divi, you are planning to use it in future and you want to improve your Divi skills, too.

Thank you for reading Top 5 Divi Theme Facebook Groups.