Blogging isn’t just an online diary. It is an invaluable way to showcase your brand’s personality. Besides being a vital part of a strong social media strategy, blogging is a great way for you to improve your search engine ranking. How? I’m glad you asked–keep reading to find out how blogs can improve your ranking.


One aspect of blogging and its value for SEO is keywords. Using a specific keyword/phrase in a blog makes your content show up in the results when people search it. Instead of focusing solely on repeating a word multiple times, choose a keyword that is more likely to be searched. This ensures that your blog and website will be delivered to people potentially interested in your brand.

Website Traffic

Driving website traffic is vital to your company’s success. Not only does creating engaging content continue to keep users coming back to your website, blogs improve your ranking by increasing your SEO. If your blog gets more visitors, it will drive up its search engine ranking. Actions may speak louder than words, but words in a blog can be as good for your business as a well-executed promotion.

Active vs Static

Health experts preach living an active lifestyle. This advice holds true for your company’s website too. A static site means that your website content doesn’t change, which negatively affects your ranking. Websites that are active (or providing new content) are rewarded (much like active people are rewarded with a healthy body). They will show up earlier in search engine results, so stay active!

Cost Effective

As Forbes points out, blogging is a cheap way to increase exposure for your business. Yes, creating interesting content takes time, but it doesn’t subtract from your wallet. While most effective paid search and/or social media marketing campaigns involve money, blogging does not. All blogging takes to deliver results is putting pen to paper, figuratively speaking.

Blogging needs to be a part of your business’ strategy. Blogs can improve your ranking, so start writing today to see your website’s SEO ranking climb!

Thank you for reading How Blogs Can Improve Your Ranking.