Hello everyone, in today’s post I want to discuss 5 things I would change about Divi and why. Although Divi is one of the best WordPress themes out there, there are things I’d wish the good folks over at Elegant Themes would consider changing. I’d also like to hear what you would change and why.

1. Increase the number of columns within a row.

This seems like a no brainier, but 200 or so updates later, still only 4 columns! I did experiment with a third party plugin to accomplish this function, but it was a bit unstable and discouraged me from pursuing another plugin. Hopefully Nick will read this blog and implement this change swiftly (one can dream right, ?).

2. Add animation to row and section.

Notice only a few modules have the setting to animate an image, but what if I wanted to animate the text? I know we can easily add the native Waypoint classes (which you can find here) to the CSS Classes in the “Advanced” tab, but it would be nice to have this option built in. Especially for designers who have little to no CSS chops. And while we’re add it, lets add more types of animation like Animate CSS ?.

3. Add more social media icons to secondary menu.

This one is probably the most obvious improvement. Currently Divi ships with Facebook, Twitter, Google + and RSS feed icons and the number of popular social media platforms has increased significantly over the past few years. Yes there are tutorials on how to add different icons to the header, but it would be nice not to have to take 10 extra steps to achieve this. It’s a bit inefficient from a developers stand point.

4. Automatically nest sub menu items on mobile.

This function is something I have to implement manually quite often (here is the tutorial). If you’re like me and have worked with clients that have over 20 pages of content, you’ll see how long the mobile menu can get. So having Divi hide the sub menu and reveal it on click, will make our lives easier.

5. Release a slim down version of Divi for Developers.

In my opinion, one of the things that make Divi great is how easily the average person can develop a professionally designed website with little to no CSS and HTML knowledge. But there are power users on the opposite end of the spectrum that would love to see a developers version into fruition. Below are a few things I could live without in this proposed version:

  • Eliminate the Visual Builder.
    I personally never use it and therefor could live without all the extra files and bloat.
  • Eliminate the “Projects” Custom Post Type.
    This is another thing I could live without. In fact, I find myself hiding it altogether.
  • Strip away most module options.
    This might seem like an odd request, but when you’re working with large sites, global styling is the way to go. Most of the time, I’ll create a class with all my styling and add that class to the module as oppose to styling each individual module. Plus it’ll give me greater control when styling on mobile. For example, there is no option to swap out a background image on tablet or smartphone. With CSS, I can easily change the background image to any section or row at any break point with an arbitrary class name.
  • Eliminate the Modular Customizer.
    Although this acts as a global styler, there are no tablet and smartphone control. Most settings are set for all break points.

I’m sure there are a few other things I can do without and would like to hear what other features you can do without.

And that concludes 5 things I would change about Divi. If you have anything else you’d like to change or add please leave your comment below and don’t forgot to subscribe to our newsletter.

Thank you for reading 5 Things I Would Change About Divi. 😌